Friday, 15 April 2016

Korean topic and subject marking particles

(ыn) and (nыn) can be :

* topic marking particles

1) If the noun ending with a last consonant  → (ыn)
이책 (chek) - この本は
가방(ka-pan) - カバンは

2) If the noun ending with a vowel (nыn)
- 私は
학생 이에요. (cho nыn hak-seng i-э-yo) - 私は学生です。
이차 - この車は
이거 카메라 예요. - これはカメラです。

* emphasizing the topic (as for this one , different from other things)
이거 사과 예요. - これはりんごです。🍎 (The other things are not apples , but) THIS is an apple .
이거  커피 예요. - これ コーヒーです。(This is coffee .)
이거  이에요. - これは、水です。(That was coffee , but THIS ONE is water .)
이거  오렌지주스 예요. (o-ren-ji ju-sы е-yo) - これは、オレンジジュースです。(And THIS ONE it`s different again , it`s orange juice .)
이거 뭐 예요? - これは何ですか? ( And what about this one ? What is it ?)

The topic of the sentence sentence, marked by or , usually (but not always) the same as the subject of the sentence :

힉생 이에요. - 私は学生です。( is topic and subject of verb 이에요 )

But sometimes the topic and the subject of sentence are different :
내일은  저는  일합니다. - 明日は私が働きます。 (내일 - topic , - subject of verb 일합니다)

Subject marking particles and   show what a subject of sentence is , "noone other than" , "nothing but" ~ Can be used when you want to emphasize WHO did something , WHICH ONE is good . 

1) Words ending with a last consonant :
가방 - カバンが
학생  - 学生が
선샌님 - 先生が
한국 - 韓国が
일본 - 日本が

2) Words ending with a vowel :
학교 (hak-kyu) - 学校が
우유  - 牛乳が
커피 - コーヒーが
카메라 - カメラが
한국어 - 韓国語が
좋아요? - 何が良いですか?

물 좋아요. - 水 良い
물 조아요? 커피 좋아요! - 水 良いですか? コーヒーが良いです!

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